Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I won't say anything cheesy about bending over backwards for the client or your happiness with your new home is a reflection on me....I will say, I'll be back on Tuesday with more New York to find! Happy Labor Day!

Artshot: Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies, Objectes at Nicholas Gallery

Obviously, I'm on the subway quite a bit and find the decay of the tunnels and the ephemeral markings of the MTA and city workers that patina and lose heir meeting with time. The top image is of numerical identifications I'm sure have been there for decades. The second (below), was photographed on the 1 train heading's what looked like a USPS sticker that had been stuck to the fluorescent light above the subway doors, the wear and tear is subsequent months trying to remove it. All of the scrapes were backlight and I have to say, it was fantastic looking.

 Antoni Tapies, Broken Ground via Christie's

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love. Vinegar Hill House: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

Yes, it seems we've spent a lot of time in Brooklyn lately (and we have)...truly enjoying the food from Williamsburg to Gowanus to Vingar Hill. Vinegar Hill House, our most recent gastronomic outing, is definitely an experience and I loved every moment of it! Behind DUMBO, Vinegar Hill is a little community of townhomes and cobbled streets, smokestacks and barbed wire, and it is absolutely enchanting. Wandering the streets en route to the restaurant puts you in the mood for The House...a chippy, eclectic space with pipe organ parts above the bar and rusty mid-century light fixtures, beautiful wood floors and simple table sets that reference bistros and farm tables. The service was wonderful, both prompt and unobtrusive...but when asked, our server had a great point of view when it came to suggestions on wine, beer and food. Beer? The Corsendank...a darker Belgian that was rich and not too malty or bitter (LOVED). Food? We started with the Summer Salad, a mix of room tempature fruits and veggies with olive oil that was rich and sweet, the olive oil giving the fruit a lovely, earthy depth. We also ordered the Garganelli as a starter course- buttery, brothy sauce with chantarelles and corn that we spooned up to get every bite. Main Course? Two of us had the Red Wattle Counrty Chop in Cheddar Grits- WOW!! smokey, tender and perfect with the counter of the creamy grits...down home with a refined edge. One had the Braised Short Ribs...he felt they didn't fall off the bone like they should have, but I thought the flavors were wonderful and the portion was solid. We finished with La Colombe (I love that coffee!!) and the Mexican Chocolate Bar and a berry dessert with cream cheese ice cream...yum!

Where? 72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn
What? Gourmet Comfort
When?  M- Thursday, 6pm-11pm,
Friday and Saturday, 6-11:30 pm and Sunday, 5:30-11 pm

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Light From Above: Chelsea

This is truly a unique space for a unique client...enormous ceilings with a huge sleep/ storage loft, the skylights being the source of light in the rooms. Off the open kitchen is an ample interim space that can be used as a dining area or home office. I think the drama of the apartment is in the angularity of the ceilings and walls, supports creating dynamic geometries. Come see for yourself!

Location: Chelsea
Size: One Bedroom
Ammenities: Doorman, Elevator, Laundry, Roofdeck
Special Features: Dramatic & Lofty, Renovated Kitchen with Glass Tile, Marble Bathroom, Storage/ Sleep Loft
 Rent: 3,350.00/ mo.
Contact: George Case at Citi Habitats, 773.983.0513

Monday, August 27, 2012

Love. Union Square Farmer's Market: Union Square

Where? North & West Sides of Union Square between 14th and 15th Street
What? Farm Direct Produce, Meats, Baked Goods, Eggs, Flowers
When? Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Happy Client: Upper East Side, 80's

It was so great to see Samantha again at her Upper East Side studio and see how she had settled in...the apartment is fantastic! "I definitely like the pre-war charm- everyone compliments the exposed brick and the fireplace." For me, the appeal was not only the charm- this place is big! In pretty jewel tones, she's been able to comfortably seperate a living area and a bedroom, "I'm glad I went with the open space, so I could create the rooms myself, instead of having a small bedroom or a small livingroom." While the living area has clean lines and bright colors (love the aqua pillows on the cobalt sectional...), her bedroom is feminine to a tee. "The silk flowers on the mantle are an homage to my grandmother," Samantha says with a smirk. "She plants silk flowers outside because she can't bare to see them die in the fall." I just loved that... and admitted that my grandmother had done the same. "It's fine when your driving by in the summer, you really can't's when you have to sweep the snow off them that it seems a bit obvious."

Who? Samantha, Physician's Assistant
What? Upper East Side Studio
How? Three days, probably about twelve apartments. We stayed on the Upper East Side, so that Samantha's commute to the Bronx would be shorter....she's now a few blocks from the train.
 Best Thing about the Apartment? "location for the access to the parks, the restaurants and the bars. I thought I'd be heading to Central Park, but I love the park at East End. I've cut my commute in half and i run into someone I know everyday. On the way home from the train tonight, I ran into two people I know!"
Worst Thing about the Apartment? "'s definitely more expensive in Manhattan than Astoria- groceries, everything. The truth is, I've stopped taking cabs...I walk more and take the subway, so it may actually be awash."
Best Thing about the Search? "We saw so many apartments- different layouts, sizes and streets, so by the time I saw this apartment and made my decision, I was really confident."
Worst Thing about the Search? "The heat. That one day we were looking, I think it was 100 degrees!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty Me: Gramercy

The area around 23rd and 3rd Avenue is a treasure trove of vintage and thrift stores! The three I've highlighted are my absolute favorites, but there is also Goodwill, Salvation Army, Cause for Paws (all on 23rd between 2nd and 3rd). It's a great place to shop for bargains and they all benefit very worthy causes.

Where? 286 Third Avenue between 22nd & 23rd
What? Great Furniture, Art and Table Top, Window Auctions...they get a lot of wonderful mid century to deco pieces! The current window auction has some wonderful medical -themed accessories from the thrities and forties!

Where? 222 East 23rd
What? Furniture (Doyle's donates here) and Great Designer Clothes for Women

Where? 157 East 23rd
What? Furniture, Clothes, Art, Window Auctions

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lovely Studio: West Village

 Take some hints from one of my favorite interior designers, Darryl Carter, on how you can decorate this lovely pre-war studio in the heart of the West Village. In a quaint elevator building that is steps from everything you love about "The Village", this studio retains lovely crown moldings and arched doorways, inlaid floors and a crisp, white tiled bathroom.

 Take a look at Darryl Carter's The New Traditional

Location: West Village
Size: Studio
Ammenities: Elevator
Special Features: Seperate Kitchen, Large Foyer and Hallway to Kitchen and Bathroom, Iron Windows, Inlaid Floors, Arched Doorways
Rent: 3,100.00/ mo.
Contact: George Case at Citi Habitats, 773.983.0513

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Climb: Gramercy

I love the sculptural quality of a well-done staircase and I LOVE this Gramercy loft's airy feel...dramatic changes in ceiling heights and huge windows overlooking a park, it's a dynamic space that doesn't seem busy or distracting. One bedroom, doorman building with lovely, modern finishes in the kitchen and bathroom. The other staircases, well, they are just beautiful!

via dornob

via dornob

Location: Gramercy
Size: One Bedroom
Ammenities: Doorman, Elevator, Laundry, Roofdeck
Special Features: Dramatic, Lofty Duplex, Open Kitchen
 Rent: 4,200.00/ mo.
Contact: George Case at Citi Habitats, 773.983.0513