Friday, August 17, 2012

Lavender Lake: Gowanus, Brooklyn

We were back! Yes, we traveled (kicking and screaming) to our friend Nina's going away party in Gowanus last night...after work, we were starving and it took almost an hour to go from our apartment in Chelsea to Union Square (via the L) to Gowanus (via the R.) Needless to say, not in the best of moods by the time we got to Lavender Lake:

- Greeted by the EB White quote on the way in (I love happy hour quotes), a bit better.
- Into the not-so-crowded, open bar...better.
- Walk through to the deck/patio area..good.
- A few beers from their solid beer menu...getting there.
- Chat with friends...great.
- Order food...sold! Loved it. I am surprised at how good the bar food is here...radishes with butter on baguettes, fried brussel sprouts with a lemon aioli (fantastic...fluffy clouds of brussel sprouts that melt in your mouth), homemade potato chips with celery salt (perfect), beef tartar with pickles and eggs (nice texture and wonderful, fresh flavor) and a burger that was perfectly cooked and seasoned beautifully- no condiments required!

Service was friendly, if a bit harried (it got progressivley busier) but nothing to complain about. For a Thursday night, the crowd was perfect...a lot of very laid back, fun people that were respectful of those around them. Good Times, hoping we get dragged back again.

Where? 383 Carroll Street, Brooklyn
What? Bar with great nouveau bar food
When?  M-Friday, 4pm-2am, Saturday and Sunday, 12-2am

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