Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Artshot: George W. Lambert

1. George W. Lambert, Pan is Dead (Still Life), Art Gallery of NSW
2. Relief, Corner of 78th and Columbus
3. George W. Lambert, The Smile of Pan

Monday, July 30, 2012

20's Inspired Studio: Upper West Side

Inspired by the views and architecture of this Upper West Side Studio, I've uncovered some time-appropriate decor to suit- they are only snapshots of online treasures that could transform this 1920's, massive pre-war studio into a space that Joyce or Hemingway could have felt at home in...

French Campaign Chairs at Factory20

Industrial Metal Chair at Modern50
Location: Upper West Side
Size: Studio
 Ammenities: Pre-war, Doorman, Elevator, Laundry
Special Features: Great View, Large Living Area, Closets, Vaulted Ceilings, Tiled Wood Floors,
Great Light and Location
Rent: 2,500.00/mo
Contact: George Case at Citi Habitats, gcase@citi-habitats.com

Friday, July 27, 2012

Love. The Bedford: Williamsburg

When our friend Jill calls to schedule a dinner, it is our excuse to try Williamsburg's gastro-offerings. We're usually pleased, but this week we were impressed! When Jill recommended The Bedford, we quickly googled and loved the look of the interior (btw, it's about 20 minutes from Union Square), so it was a go! We sat for a drink at the bar waiting for everyone to arrive- a nice Ommegang is great after a long day. At the table, we tried the kielbasa (made in-house) with pickles, greens and mustard and crispy risotto balls- both absolutely wonderful. The kielbasa was smokey, grilled and wonderful- not greasy. The risotto balls were amazingly delicate and creamy with a country bacon gravy that made my eyes roll back (yup!). Skirt steak? Perfectly cooked with a wonderful, salty flavor and the little potatos were the same. We had Old Bay fries (put Old Bay on anything and I'm there) and a chive spatzel that were little nuggets of delicious that weren't overpowered by the chive or any other spice...buttery and crisp. To finish up, I'm embarassed to say that I haven't the slightest idea what the lemon dessert I had was called, but it was warm and sweet and just tart enough to make it memorable. In short, we'll go back...the look of the restaurant is great, the food is terrific and the staff was very friendly and warm.

Where? 110 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
What? American gastropub
When?  Breakfast 8-4pm, Lunch 12-4pm, Dinner 6-11pm (12, Friday and Saturday), Brunch 11:30-4 Saturday and Sunday

Deception: Upper West Side

 I find that in most of my photos, if the ceiling height is very high, the rooms look smallish or narrow...don;t be fooled! This, for instance, is a very roomy little one bedroom on the Upper West Side that has both space and ceiling heght in it's favor. The bedroom is queen-size with a walk-in closet and there are closets in both the entryway and in the living area...not to mention the storage loft!

Location: Upper West Side
 Size: One Bedroom
 Special Features: Large Living Area, Storage Loft, Incredible Closet Space, Renovated Kitchen with Dishwasher, Microwave, Great Light and Location
Rent: 2,470.00/mo
Contact: George Case at Citi Habitats, gcase@citi-habitats.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Happy Client: Hell's Kitchen/ Clinton

When I went back to visit Daniel, fully moved-in and settled in his pre-war one bedroom, I was surprised. Even for a much higher price, it's a roomy little apartment with a big kitchen (eat-in), living room with exposed brick and a bedroom with closet space and enough room for a dresser, queen-size bed, night table and his bike! How would I describe the look? Comfortable, clean and not fussy. A triathlete, medals hang in the kitchen and his bike rests on the wall in the bedroom- while there is evidence of his athletic interests, he never crosses over the line to "bachelor pad". Instead, it seems balanced, integrated, cheerful and, well, very Daniel.

Who? Daniel, Occupational Therapist, NYU
What? One Bedroom Walk Up in Hell's Kitchen / Clinton
How? Quickly! Daniel and I looked at about 6 apartments: 2 in Chelsea, 1 in the West Village and 3 in Clinton- the last apartment was the winner. In his price range, the downtown apartments were studios, so he jumped on the renovated one bedroom with an eat-in kitchen and queen-size plus bedroom.  
Best Thing about the Apartment? "I really love the one bedroom...I love being able to close my door. If I have guests or friend's staying, I can close the door and we have our own space." Daniel thought for a minute, "I love the exposed brick and I love that there is space for everything, so I keep it clean. You should have seen my old apartment...there just wasn't space, so clothes were everywhere."
Worst Thing about the Apartment? "Hmmm...the outlets are a problem, they're just not were I want them to be.., but nothing really. I really like it here"
Best Thing about the Search? "Fast!!"
Worst Thing about the Search? "Waiting in line to see that dirty little apartment in Chelsea."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cutting it Close: West Village

What? Fsc Barber
Where? 5 Horatio Street, West Village
Why? Great cut, great atmosphere and great value

 A great barber is like a great dentist- they are hard to find, help you look great and make sitting in that chair a painless process. When you find one, you stick with him. With that said, I get my haircut at Freeman's in the West Village and, although I initially tried it because I like the brand (love the restaurant and have a tweed blazer that I always get compliments on), I keep going because of the value ($40.00 for a cut). These guys know what they are doing and though the wait is usually longish, you can kick back and read a magazine or catch up on texts and emails in a perfectly appointed, antique fixtured barber shop that your grand pop would have felt comfortable in. Hipsters to suits, bankers to fashion execs sit side by side in perfect, coiffed harmony.

 Japanese Clown Jacket, Freemans Sporting Club

 Storefront, 8 Rivington Street

 Burnished Brown Calf Strand, Freeman's Sporting Club

Restaurant, 8 Rivington Street, via New York Pudding

Monday, July 23, 2012

What a Relief: Central Park

  I played tour guide to my niece and sister last week...a trip to Central Park an essential stop. The Park never ceases to amaze me and our stroll around the pond did not dissapoint. This high relief on the steps leading down to the pond is lush and beautiful with stylized flora and fauna that rival nature!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Skewed Advice: Soho

Pristine Pre-war: West Village

I love this building...at the corner of one the most charming streets in the West Village and one of the most restaurant, shop- saturated avenues, you can have it all here! A quiet home with access to what makes the West Village arguably the most sought-after neighborhood in the city. With vintage iron windows, original moldings and inlaid floors, this is a pristine little apartment that maintains it's Old World Charm without sacrificing a modern kitchen or closet space (I know...it's impressive)

 Size: Studio
 Ammenities: Pre-war, Elevator, Laundry
Special Features: Large Living Area, Closets, Original Details, Renovated Maple/ Granite/ Granite Kitchen,
Great Light and Location
Rent: 3,300.00/mo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Happy Client: Soho

I truly believe that your apartment is a clear reflection of who you are and my visit to jewelry designer Lauren's Soho studio only reinforced that belief. It's a little jewel box (yup, I had to use that analogy): sparkling and feminine in cool greys, creams and pastels with a shimmer of metallic. It is a small space, but Lauren has created an uncluttered, elegant home that has wonderful "moments" throughout- small vases of flowers and sparkling picture frames, crystal lamps and family photos.

Who? Lauren, Jewelry Designer, Lauren Kara
What? Soho Elevator Building on Mulberry
How? Lauren and I looked about 10 apartments in the Upper East Side, Gramercy, The East Village, Murray Hill and Soho. The last apartment was the one she took- a modern studio in an elevator building on a prime block in the heart of Soho.
Best Thing about the Apartment? "It's bright with a big window....and a renovated bathroom! I also really like the proximity to the subway."
Worst Thing about the Apartment? "Well, if I did it again, I'd give up location for more space, but I'm glad I did this." Lauren thought for a minute, "worst thing is that I don't have room for a coffee table, a kitchen table and I only have one closet."
Best Thing about the Search? "I had you to take me places".
Worst Thing about the Search? "The walking! I had an old ankle injury that's flared up again."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Magic: West Village on Jane Street

 Behind these iron, corner windows is a magical little one bedroom! The mix of pre-war details with renovated kitchen and bathroom is perfect. The moldings and inlaid floors, higher floor and lovely street views in this 800sf apartment will put a smile on your face. An elevator buiding, this is impeccably maintained on one of the most dynamic, yet charming corners in The Village.

 Size: One Bedroom 
 Ammenities: Pre-war, Elevator, Laundry
Special Features: Large Living Area and Bedroom, Closets, Great Light and Location
Rent: 4,800.00/mo