Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gothic Touch: Inspired by the Churchyard

Inspired by the church view of the East Village two bedroom I showed you Monday, I've decided to divulge some secret obsessions: Darryl Carter and Gothic / Gothic Revival Decor. As I've been searching, I find it's no wonder that Mr. Carter is a fav- juxtaposing traditional forms and styles with a clean, modern palate, making every element in the room seem scupltural and important. What I've shown of Mr. Carter's has gothic elements that highlight what he does best.  I'm not one for excess ornamentation, but I do love the quality of craftsmanship (let's face it, laquered fiberboard is a bit soulless) and the patina of a historic piece.

1. Jayne Thompson Antiques French Oak Frame
2. A Darryl Carter Space from Architectural Digest
4. Chandeliers at Christie's
5.7. Darryl Carter's Retail Space in D.C
6. Stained Glass Panel via Liveauctioneers
8. Painted Gothic Chair Set

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