Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rainy Landscape

 I hope this post finds you all well and relatively unscathed by Sandy....it's been a long week. I had taken the shots of a raindrops on the wrapping on a cardboard box a while back in Gramercy...they seem somehow appropriate now, as does the artwork of Melanie Comber. Ms. Comber's oil and pigment on canvases at Fine Art Society reference everything from daguerreotypes to lunar landings, snowy landscapes to viruses under a microscope. They are as foreign as they are familiar, as beautiful as they are inexplicably unsettling. It's been a strange week, so forgive (and enjoy) the stream-of- conscious imagery.

1. -minus- album artwork for Arctic Exhibition via Yahoo! Music UK and Ireland
2. Melanie Comber, No Man's Land
3.,5. Plastic Wrapped Cardboard, Gramercy Park
4. Jonnyphoto, Forgotten Moon
6. Melanie Comber, 123
7.  From Australia's First Arctic Expedition, Skeleton of a sea elephant and Harold Hamilton

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